Brief History
Great Victoria Street Baptist Church was formed as a result of work commenced by the Baptist Irish Society in 1839. The church was constituted in 1847 and met in King Street and later in Academy Street. A building was erected on the present site in 1866 costing less than £6,000 and seating 430. Additional land was purchased in 1944 and new halls erected in 1961. The seating capacity was enlarged to 720 and it remains one of the largest Baptist church buildings in Ireland. Although the membership is drawn from a very wide geographical area covering North, South, East and West Belfast, and further afield, it retains a deep interest in the life and work of the city centre. We share the conviction that the character and voice of God are needed in the heart of a city's life.


The membership has always had people of vision in its ranks and they have encouraged the growth of the church's impact. Baptist churches at Mountpottinger, Strandtown, Windsor, Rathcoole and Finaghy were formed largely from members from Great Victoria Street. In addition to serving God in our city, the church has maintained an active involvement in missionary work abroad. We have church members in mission in Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and in Northern Ireland itself. The church is a member church of the Association of Baptist Churches which celebrated its centenary in 1995. The Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 1997.


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